Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Who's That Girl?

Words are my life. Whether I'm writing or reading, seeing lettering being put into a meaningful sentence is what I live for. My zest for life is driven by my curiosity to try new things, see new places and meet new people. My field allows me to live out my passion for the things I love and there is truly no greater joy. There is no other profession I would rather be in.
I didn't always want to be a journalist, but when my personal journals started to stack up almost to the ceiling, I knew I had something to say; something other people may want to hear; something other people may relate to.

My dreamy-eyed 12-year-old dreams became a reality when I interned at Media24 during my first semester in varsity. My stories were being read on a national scale and my editor trusted me enough to creatively structure my stories. It was only a taste of what was to come.

During my second year, I went for training at Caxton CTP to prepare me for my new position as the founding editor of my varsity's inaugural publication. I held this position until my final year.

Then I had to go job-hunting, degree in hand, and a sparkle in my eyes. Although it took a while to eventually get back into journalism, when I did, it was worth the wait.

Words cannot describe my experience in my first year at The New Age newspaper. It was what I had been dreaming of when I caught that two hours of sleep between finishing that 21-page assignment and attending an 8am class.

Working at The New Age as features, lifestyle and entertainment writer honed my skills on a another level. I made invaluable contacts in the entertainment industry and the opportunity to meet and interview prolific people in society was priceless. It didn't feel like I was working, as I was living my passion.

Two years later, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and go corporate. My experience at the Gauteng Department of Finance showed me that the best type of communicating I do is more editorial.

I've just begun at TV Plus and am looking forward to getting back into entertainment. It's what I'm good at, it's what I love and most importantly, it's another reason to wake up in the morning.